Methods, Models, and GIS Science

The Methods, Models, and Geographic Information Systems (MMG) Area of Geography focuses on important tools to the field of geography. This sub-discipline is chiefly concerned with the development, application and assessment of tools used in geographic research. A heavily quantitative discipline, this field aims to utilize recent advancements in technology; including computers, remote sensing and geolocation devices.

This subfield provides an opportunity to study mathematical modeling, geographic information systems, remote sensing, spatial statistics, image analysis and visualization, global positioning and surveying technologies, sensor networks, and web-based research and communication of geographical concepts and data.

The UC Davis campus and Geography program in particular with a wide interdisciplinary group of researchers provides ample opportunities to apply and test techniques to solve real world issues.

The MMG geography sub-discipline takes advantage of the globally-recognized environmental, agricultural, and natural resources research programs at Davis to provide students with ample opportunities to apply and test techniques to solve real world issues.


Methods, Models, and GIScience — Geographic Depth Courses

The list below is the pre-approved selection of courses in the subfield of Methods, Models, and GIScience that students can choose from to fulfill their 12-16 units of Geographic Depth Courses.


Depth Courses Offered by GGG Faculty

(includes those to be Cross-Listed, proposed GEO number in parentheses)

PLS 205 (GEO 270) Experimental Design and Analysis
PLS 206 (GEO 271) Multivariate Systems and Modeling
ECL 220 (GEO 272) Spatio-temporal Ecology
HYD 273 (GEO 273) Introduction to Geostatistics
ESP 228 (GEO 274) Advanced Simulation Modeling
HYD 275 (GEO 275) Analysis of Spatial Processes
ECS 266 (GEO 276) Spatial Databases
WFC 222 (GEO 277) Advanced Population Dynamics
ECL 231 (GEO 278) Mathematical Methods and Population Biology
ECL 254 (GEO 279) Discrete Choice Analysis of Travel Demand
TTP 200 (GEO 280) Transportation Survey Methods
HYD 286 (GEO 281) Advanced Remote Sensing
LDA 280 (GEO 253) Landscape Conservation


Other Depth Courses

ESP 231 Population Biology