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GeoWeb 2.0: Interactive Geospatial Internet

Class Information
Academic Year: 
ESP 198
Hunt 253
Meeting Time: 
Thursday 12:10 - 2:00pm

Link to see the map made by the students.

This course covers how to make interactive websites with maps and geographic data.

We will investigate the principles and examples of implementations of Web 2.0 interactive websites in the context of mapping, from basic mapping to web based GIS analysis. Students will research and learn a variety of methods and tools for bringing geographic data to a web audience and be expected to participate in group projects to create a web based, map application.

The class will be hands-on with short lecture/discussions (30 minutes) followed by 1.5 hours of computer lab time to work on individual and group projects. Programming and/or GIS skills are recommended but not required, however a willingness to self-learn new computer programs and operating systems is a must.

Here's a select list of likely topics you will learn in the course (Google-able terms): Google Maps API, Openlayers, Geoserver, Mapserver, TileMill, Mapnik, OpenStreetMap, Mapquest, GeoDjango, MapProxy, MapFish, OGC Web Services, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Python

GEO 298 Credit available for graduate students completing additional requirements.