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The Geography Graduate Group Members

California Poppies at Sutter Buttes

Faculty interests in the GGG are diverse, and attract a correspondingly diverse set of students in such areas as biophysical geography and related natural science and engineering fields, as well as human geography and related social science fields. A number of faculty members use and teach geographic information systems, remote sensing, and related geographic techniques, and the faculty have strong field orientation as well (a tradition in geography). This range of academic interests is typical of strong graduate programs in geography at other universities in the United States. The strengths of the Davis campus and its faculty enable the program to focus on several areas of emphasis in geography where faculty expertise and student interest is the greatest.


The Graduate Group is governed by an Executive Committee made of up the Chairperson, the Vice-Chairperson, the four Graduate Advisors, additional faculty Members-At-Large, two graduate students and the Graduate Program Coordinator.  For the 2016-2017 Academic Year, the Executive Committee Consists of the Following:


Robert Hijmans (2018), Chair

Anne Visser (2017)

Patsy Owens (2018)

Deb Niemeier (2017)

Ryan Galt (2018)

Diana Davis (2018)

First year student and alternate: Laura Daly and Meghan Klasic

Continuing student and alternate: Alejo Kraus-Polk and Sean Pries

Carrie Armstrong-Ruport, Program Coordinator