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4/14/15 GGG Speaker Series presents Dr. Bettina Ng’weno: “Imagining spaces: From Lands to Oceans”

Event Date: 
2015-04-14 04:10 - 05:30

2015 GEOGRAPHY GRADUATE GROUP Spring Speaker Series
*Tuesdays 4:10-5:30pm * 166 Hunt Hall*

“Imagining spaces: From Lands to Oceans”

In Colombia a brother greets a brother on two different sides of territorial dispute claiming a hill as belonging to either an Indigenous or a Black community. In India a woman tells me you can change your religion but not your hair. In Haiti founders of a new nation give it an old name. In East Africa, boats with lantern sails ply the water of lake Victoria. In Pakistan sign posts in the desert give directions for a city yet to be built. In Nairobi an old railway neighborhood gets knocked down. What do this different occurrences have in common? In working out an answer I explore my journey from studying property (predominantly land) though to ideas of space (and oceanic space) by looking at the way places are made in everyday and extraordinary activities of emplacing history in specific ways.

Dr. Bettina Ng’weno is an Associate Professor, in the African American and African Studies Program at the University of California, Davis. She received her PhD in Cultural Anthropology from Johns Hopkins University in 2002. Dr. Ng'weno's research interests involve states; territory and property; race and ethnicity; rural societies; politics; social justice; equality; law; imaginaries, diaspora, Latin America, Africa and the Indian Ocean. In 2007, she published her book titled Turf Wars: Territory and Citizenship in the Contemporary State. She is currently working on her next project Living to Tell the Tale: Knowledge, Diaspora, Africa and the Indian Ocean that examines how stories are told by Afro-Asians in the northern Indian Ocean region and their significance within the global structuring of power and daily life.