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Environmental Sciences (Physical Geography) — Geographic Depth Courses

The list below is the pre-approved selection of courses in the subfield of Physical Geography that students can choose from to fulfill their 12-16 units of Geographic Depth Courses.

Depth Courses Offered by GGG Faculty
(includes those to be Cross-Listed, proposed GEO number in parentheses):
GEO 210 Topics in Biogeography (W - alternate years)
GEO 211 Physical Geography Traditions and Methods (alternate years)
ECI 267 (GEO 212) Water Resources Management
ECL 201 (GEO 213) Ecosystems and Landscape Ecology (W - alternate years)
PBG 296 (GEO 214) Seminar in Geography Ecology
LDA 280 (GEO 253) Landscape Conservation
GEO 280 Field Studies in Geography (S)
Other Depth Courses:
ECL 201 Ecosystems and Landscape Ecology (W - alternate years)
ECL 205 Community Ecology (W)
ECL 206 Concepts and Methods in Plant Community Ecology (F)
ECL 207 Plant Population Biology (W - alternate years)
ECL 208 Issues in Conservation Biology (W)
ECL 214 Marine Ecology (S - alternate years)
ECL 225 Terrestrial Field Ecology (S)
ECL 231 Mathematical Models in Population Biology (F)
ECL 232 Theoretical Ecology