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Landscape Architecture and Environmental Design Courses

Students interested in developing expertise in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Design should consider the following courses: 

LDA 201 Theory and Philosophy of the Designed Environment Studio 

LDA 181 A-Q Planning Studio

LDA 191 Workshop in Landscape Architecture

LDA 210 Advanced Landscape Architecture Studio Methods:

LDA 202 Methods in Design and Landscape Research

LDA 205 Urban Planning and Design

LDA 220 Public Space and Culture

LDA 230 Landscape and Memory

LDA 240 Historic, Cultural Landscapes: Concept, Perception, Preservation

LDA 250 Life-Place: Bioregional Theory and Principles

LDA 260 Landscape and Power

LDA 270 Environment and Behavior

LDA 280 Landscape Conservation
Students without a design or planning background should take a graphics course such as LDA 21, Design 21, etc. before taking a studio. It is recommended that these be taken (if offered) during summer session as space is limited during the academic year.