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Regional and Community Development Courses

Students interested in developing an expertise in Regional and Community Development should consider taking the following courses:


CRD 240 Community Development Theory

CRD 250: Professional Skills for Community Development


Methods Courses:

EDU 200* Educational Research

EDU 201 Qualitative Research in Education

EDU 202N Computer Analysis of Qualitative Data

POL 211* Research Methods in Political Science

SOC 206* Quantitive Analysis in Sociology

SOC 207 A/B* Methods of Quantitative Research *quantitative methods


Other courses:

CRD 241 The Economics of Community Development

CRD 245 The Political Economy of Urban and Regional Development

CRD 246 The Political Economy of Transnational Migration

CRD 247 The Transformation of Work

CRD 248 Social Policy, Welfare Theories and Communities

CRD 248A/B Social Policy, Welfare Theories and Communities I & II