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Graduate Student Travel Awards: For Travel to Professional Meetings

Please note that the travel award period has been changed to allow greater flexibility. Each award period now allows nine months for future conferences and three months for conferences that have already taken place. Please visit our web site for more information about the new travel award periods.


AWARD PERIOD: January 1, 2007 – December 31, 2007
APPLICATION DEADLINE (Student application to their Program): March 15, 2007
APPLICATION DEADLINE (Program nominations to Graduate Studies): April 15, 2007

The Graduate Council Committee on Support and Welfare is now accepting applications for graduate student awards for travel to meetings of nationally and internationally recognized professional societies held between January 1, 2007 and December 31, 2007.


Graduate students at or near the completion of their studies who have not previously received this award and who are presenting a research paper (acceptance of paper may be pending at time of application) are eligible. Students must be in good academic standing and are required to hold and maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0. Applicants must be registered graduate students. Students on PELP (Planned Educational Leave Program) are not eligible for this award. Students on Filing Fee status may apply. Travel must take place during the award period (see above).


Award amounts vary depending on the destination of travel. Only actual expenditures up to the award amount, and allowable under UC Davis Policy & Procedure 300 - Travel & Transportation, are reimbursable.


All international travel - $1,000

Domestic travel outside of California - $500 Hawaii & Alaska (exception) - $1,000 Travel within California - $250

Disabled student applicants, whose disabilities require the assistance of a personal attendant, may also request an award for the attendant's travel.


March 15, 2007: Graduate Students submit their application to their Graduate Program Chair:

Please submit the "Application for Graduate Student Travel Award" form

(http://www.gradstudies.ucdavis.edu/forms/travapp.pdf) with the following attached supporting materials:

1. An abstract of the paper or presentation

2. A letter (or email) of acceptance, a formal invitation, or a printed program as evidence of acceptance - Indicate "Pending" on the application if written confirmation has not yet been received. (Funds, if awarded, will be released when the Office of Graduate Studies has received evidence of acceptance)

3. A list of the applicant's publications and awards

4. A copy of academic record or transcript (an unofficial copy is acceptable but not from SISWEB)

5. A letter of recommendation from the student's major professor

Before 5pm, April 15, 2007: Graduate Program Chair submits a maximum of FIVE ranked applications to the Office of Graduate Studies, 250 Mrak Hall, for the Support & Welfare Committee's review. Awards are announced on May 15, 2007.