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Just Published

Just published in the Routledge Contemporary Geographies of Leisure, Tourism and Mobility Series Tourism and Agriculture: New Geographies of Consumption, Production and Rural Restructuring edited by Rebecca Torres (UCD MS in IAD and Ph.D. Geography)and Janet Momsen (Emerita Professor of Geography, University of California, Davis) with chapters contributed by Tometi Gbedema (UCD doctoral candidate) Rosie Cox (UCD MA in Geography) , Jill Donaldson (UCD MS in CD), Pamela Richardson (UCD Geography visiting student), Gemma Canoves (University of Bellaterra, Spain spent sabbatical at UCD) Irén Szörényi Professor of Geography, Gyȍr, Hungary and UCD visiting professor)and Ellen Rilla (UCD Extension)- among others.
This book looks at linkages between agriculture and tourism in Eastern and Western Europe, the USA, Caribbean, Pacific, Ghana and Mexico in 14 chapters. We argue that at a time of climate change, rising food prices and financial crises such linkages may provide new solutions for rural areas in many countries. Linkages may foster food production for tourism markets, contribute to regional development, alleviate rural poverty, decrease leakages caused by imports, increase tourist access to local foods so improving the gastronomic experience for visitors, reduce food miles and foster regional food identities.