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GGG faculty member, Ryan Galt, receives a 2012 UC ANR Competitive Research Grant

GGG Executive Committee and Faculty Member Ryan Galt recently received a $262,702 grant to conduct a study of membership characteristics of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) businesses in California. 

The proposed study of CSA membership has a number of important features. First, it will be the first ever statewide CSA membership survey, and will involve around 300 CSAs and an estimated 200,000 households. Second, surveying non-members is important in assessing the potential pool of members, their retail outlet preferences, their willingness to pay, and barriers to participation. Third, it will be the first large-scale comparison of CSA operation characteristics with CSA membership characteristics, showing which features are correlated with increased membership diversity. Fourth, the consumer survey will be designed in a participatory manner, with CSA farmers/organizers and Cooperative Extension Advisors helping shape the survey instrument to maximize its utility for producers and consumer households. Fifth, its outputs will be unique. In addition to comprehensive reports and peer-reviewed publications, the research team will create individualized, 1-page reports for each participating CSA showing their membership characteristics, preferences, satisfaction, and willingness-to-pay at a glance and comparing it with data for their region, the state, and non-members. These data will also allow for the first-ever map of CSA market saturation, in which member numbers will be compiled by zip code and mapped on a per capita basis for the state. Lastly, by providing the most comprehensive study of CSA membership, the study will inform the US Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Know Your Food, Know Your Farmer initiative and the California Department of Food and Agriculture's (CDFA) efforts to update California’s direct marketing code and promote localized market opportunities for California farmers.

For more information, please see http://ucanr.org/sites/anrstaff/Divisionwide_Programs/2012grants/