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Geography Graduate Group Faculty Emeriti

The Geography Graduate Group is composed of a diverse faculty from many departments on campus.

Fullname Summary Academic Interest Department
Michael G. Barbour

Plant ecology; North-Central-South America, Australia

Plant Sciences
Chris C. Benner

Urban and economic geography. Social implications of information technology, labor markets and restructuring of work, social movements and innovative labor/community organizing, regional development and social equity.

Human Ecology
David Boyd

Cultural ecology; Melanesia, South Pacific

Cynthia Brantley

African social history; Gender in Africa; history of African nutrition: East Africa

Stephen Brush

Cultural-ecology; eastern Mediterranean, North-Central-South America

Human Ecology
Thomas A. Cahill

Atmospheric optics and haze, especially smoke from forest fires

Land Air and Water Resources
Dennis Dingemans

Urban planning; North America, Europe

Social Sciences
Deborah L. Elliott-Fisk

Biogeography; ecosystem analysis & management; soils and geomorphology; viticultural geography; mountain & coastal systems;
Environmental and Natural Resources

Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology
Mark Francis

Urban and community design; North America, Europe

Human Ecology
Isao Fujimoto

Community change, Asian Studies

Asian American Studies
Charles Goldman

Limnology: North America, Russia

Environmental Science and Policy
James Grieshop

Community development; North-Central America

Human Ecology
Louis Grivetti

Nutritional geography; Africa, eastern Mediterranean, southeast Asia

Joyce Gutstein

Environmental geography, biodiversity, education

Public Service Research Program (PSRP)
Frank Hirtz

Law & Development, Development Planning, Social Policy & Welfare: Southern Africa, Southeast Asia

Human Ecology
Richard Howitt

Resource Economics, Environmental Economics, Quantitative Methods, Econometrics, Operations Research

Agricultural and Resource Economics
Suad Joseph

Women in development; Middle East

Nguyen Kien

Geographical medicine, Cultural aspects of health care; southeast Asia

F. Thomas Ledig

Forest conservation genetics; Mexico, mediterranean Europe, Australia

Plant Sciences
Jeff Loux

Environmental policy, community planning, land use planning, North America

Human Ecology
Dean MacCannell

Landscape Architecture.
Semiotics, Social Policy, and the environment: North America

Human Ecology
E. Steve McNiel

Issues related to preservation of the cultural landscape through ongoing efforts on behalf of the USDA Forest Service

Human Ecology
Jay Mechling

American Studies (tourism in Florida and in the Pacific States, the new regional studies, folklore and folklife in relation to region, tourism, and the meanings of place)

American Studies
Patricia Mokhtarian

Travel behavior and attitudes: particularly the impacts of information & communications technology on travel behavior; residential location and travel behavior; and attitudes toward travel itself.

Civil and Environmental Engineering
Janet D. Momsen

Gender & development in agricultural systems; Caribbean, Latin America, Europe

Human Ecology
Jeffrey Mount

Fluvial geomorphology, sedimentology, stratigraphy and basin analysis;

Peter B. Moyle

The ecology and conservation of freshwater and estuarine fishes in California

Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology
Ben Orlove

Cultural ecology; South America

Environmental Science and Policy
Richard Plant

Geographic information systems (GIS); China, Europe, North America

Plant Sciences
Jim Quinn

Information Center for the Environment: Environmental informatics applied to conservation policy, biodiversity, land use, and water quality

Environmental Science and Policy
David Robertson English
Lynn Roller Art History
Heath Schenker

Landscape history: Europe and North America

Human Ecology
Michael Peter Smith

Transnationalism; international migration; urban political economy and society; racial and ethnic formation

Human Ecology
Margaret Swain

Gender and Global Issues, feminist theory, tourism, China

Women and Gender Studies
Robert Thayer, Jr.

Environmental perception and sustainable landscape development: North America

Human Ecology
Stefano Varese

Indigenous people of Central and Southern America (including Mexico and Indian Migrants to the US): environmental struggles, territorial and resources defense, indigenous knowledge, autonomous development

Native American Studies
Wesley Wallender

Hydrological Science and Modeling (GIS)

Land Air and Water Resources
Geoffrey Wandesforde-Smith

Environmental law and policy in California and the United States. International environmental law, biodiversity conservation, and sustainable development.

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Political Science and UC Center Sacramento
Miriam Wells

Human and Community Development

Human Ecology