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Geography Graduate Group Faculty

The Geography Graduate Group is composed of a diverse faculty from many departments on campus.

Fullname Summary Academic Interest Area of Depth Department
Javier Arbona

Race, space, and memory; histories of colonialism and imperialism, particularly with relationship to urbanization and cities; critical military, security, and policing studies; experimental geography and art practices; urban, architectural, and spatial theories.

American Studies
Gwen Arnold

Environmental policy; common-pool resource theory and management; bureaucratic decision-making in resource management; hydraulic fracturing (fracking); institutional analysis; social networks

Environmental Science and Policy
Tom Beamish

Research interests and expertise includes a focus on Risks, Hazards, & Environment; Community Politics and Social Movements; Institutions, Organizations, & Economy; and Science, Technology, & Innovation Studies

Stephen Boucher

International agricultural development; Agricultural credit and insurance markets.

Agricultural and Resource Economics
Catherine Brinkley

Dr. Brinkley's research is focused on public health outcomes around the food-energy-waste nexus. She uses qualitative methods along with social network mapping and spatial analytics to understand farm-to-city services such as food supply and waste-to-energy. She is particularly interested in how these networks impact neighborhood socio-economics and greenhouse gas emissions in an effort to support sustainable land-use planning around environmental justice.

Nature and Society Human Ecology
Mary Cadenasso

Investigating the effect of urbanization on plant community and nutrient dynamics and integrating ecological and social theories and urban design to enhance understanding and development of cities as sustainable coupled human-natural systems. Study exchanges of nutrients, pollutants, and organisms across landscape boundaries such as forest edges and riparian zones. Work across scales in metropolitan, semi-arid savanna and forest systems.

Plant Sciences
Dave Campbell

Public policy and community governance; citizenship and civic engagement; non-profit and faith-related organizations; program evaluation

People, Place, and Region Human Ecology
Diana K. Davis

Environmental history, political ecology, colonialism, political economy, Middle East and North Africa, indigenous veterinary knowledge, pastoral societies and arid lands

David de la Peña

Participatory design, autonomous communities, architecture, urban design, sustainable site-planning, urban agriculture

Human Ecology
Adela de la Torre

Adela de la Torre, an agricultural economist, is the director and Professor of Chicana/o Studies at the University of California, Davis. Dr. de la Torre's publications and research primarily focus on health care access and finance issues that affect the Latino community as well as Border health issues. In addition, she has completed studies on the impact of education on occupational location of Hispanics

Chicana/o Studies
Natalia Deeb-Sossa

Borderlands, in-betweenness and instability, sites of boundary-making and fragmentation, but also resistance and continual reconstruction. Construction and enforcement of social membership. Contestation by immigrants of inequalities they face in their daily life. Farmworker mothers’ activism, cultural citizenship and advocacy for educational and health rights.

People, Place, and Region Chicana/o Studies
Ryan E. Galt

Cultural and political ecology, agricultural and environmental governance, political economy of sustainable agriculture, cartographic design, the Americas

Nature and Society Human Ecology
Elise Gornish

I conduct research in restoration ecology and invasive species management. I am particularly interested in investigating effects of management across spatial scales.

Environmental Sciences Plant Sciences
Steven Greco

Ecosystems and Landscape Ecology

Human Ecology
Luis Guarnizo

Economic Sociology, transnational migration, immigrant entrepreneurs, comparative international development, citizenship

People, Place, and Region Human Ecology
Erin Hamilton

Sociology, social demographics

People, Place, and Region Sociology
Susan Handy

Relationships between transportation and land use, including the impact of land use on travel behavior and the impact of transportation investments on land development patterns

Environmental Science and Policy
Andrew Hargadon

designing programs that align industry and entrepreneurship with university research, in particular in the fields of sustainable technologies

Graduate School of Management
Lynette Hart

Animal Behaviors, Sociology
(Companion Animal, Laboratory Animal, Elephants, Antelopes)
Environmental and Natural Resource Geography

Environmental Sciences Population Health & Reproduction
Bruce Haynes Sociology
Rebecca Hernandez

arid and semiarid ecosystems; biogeochemistry; biogeography; carbon cycling; climate change; data mining; deserts; drones; earth system science; environmental sensors; geography of energy; geospatial data and technologies; global ecology; invasion ecology; land-use and land-cover change; mycorrhizal fungi; plant-soil interactions; soil ecology; solar energy; sustainability; and wind energy

Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/theHernandezLab

Land Air and Water Resources
Robert Hijmans

Ecological modeling, geo-informatics, agricultural geography, biodiversity conservation, climate change

Environmental Sciences Environmental Science and Policy
Benjamin Houlton

global change impact assessments; computational modeling of Earth processes; global biogeochemical cycles and climate change; Earth system science; planetary health

Land Air and Water Resources
Hsuan Hsu

My research focuses on literary representations of space, environment, and inequality.

Yufang Jin

Remote sensing of terrestrial ecosystems, fire disturbance, ecohydrology, biogeochemical cycle, climate change, and GIS.

Land Air and Water Resources
Carl Keen

Teratology and birth defects; North America, southeast Asia

Martin Kenney

Silicon Valley & regional development; Japanese & Korean overseas investments; Electronics industry; Biotechnology

People, Place, and Region Human Ecology
Pete Klimley

Movements of fishes, sharks, and marine mammals relative to their social and physical environments; ultrasonic, radio, and satellite telemetry; mechanisms of orientation
and migration

Environmental Sciences Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology
Kurt Kornbluth Biological and Agricultural Engineering
Eric Larsen

Fluvial geomorphology, hydrology, watersheds, North America

Environmental Sciences Human Ecology
Frank Loge

Design and function of sustainable urban systems; landscape ecology related to fisheries management; ecology of infectious diseases; interconnection between water and energy systems.

Civil and Environmental Engineering
Jonathan London

Environmental justice, rural community development, participatory action research, political ecology, Central Valley

People, Place, and Region Human Ecology
Mark Lubell

Environmental policy; community-based management; social networks, human cooperation; quantitative analysis

Environmental Science and Policy
Jay R. Lund

Resource management and planning, water resources, urban geography

Civil and Environmental Engineering
Amina Mama

focusing on the contribution research can make in the pursuit of social justice and feminist agendas and community advocacy

Women and Gender Studies
E. Greg McPherson

Urban forestry

Environmental Sciences Center for Urban Forest Research
Beth Middleton

North America and Caribbean. Native American community/economic development; political ecology; Federal Indian law; Native American natural resource policy; qualitative GIS; indigenous geography and cartography; Afro-indigeneity; intergenerational trauma and healing; participatory research methods; rural environmental justice; multi cultural dimensions of conservation, land use, and planning

People, Place, and Region Native American Studies
Brett Milligan

Infrastructural studies and socio-technical systems; scenario planning; industrial ecology and radically altered environments; Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta; rewilding; dredge landscapes and maritime infrastructure; spatial modeling and geomatics, including the application of drones (UAVs) and photogrammetry; theory of landscape change

Human Ecology
Frances Moore

Social and economic impacts of climate change; adaptation; climate policy; impacts on agriculture; risk management

Nature and Society Environmental Science and Policy
N. Claire Napawan

Design of the built environment and investigating the roles in which landscapes might adapt to provide ever-increasing productive and infrastructural programs to the global city, given economic, social, and environmental changes within urban development, including population growth and climate change

Environmental Sciences Human Ecology
Bettina Ng'weno

States and property in Latin America and Africa. The construction and mobilization of space with a focus on governance, categorization, citizenship, territory and movement. Social production of space and the stories and histories told about emplacement and the movement of ideas, people and things between Africa and Asia.

People, Place, and Region African and African American Studies
Debbie Niemeier

Transportation Planning; civil infrastructure and implications for LDC's

Environmental Sciences Civil and Environmental Engineering
Lorence R. Oki

Environmental horticulture and water quality

Environmental Sciences Human Ecology
Patsy Eubanks Owens

Environments of children and adolescents, community participation

Human Ecology
Nicholas Pinter

Geomorphology: the geology of the earth-surface; Human influences on landscapes and geomorphic processes; Rivers, flooding, and floodplain management

Earth and Planetary Sciences
Noha Radwan

Arabic and comparative literature

Comparative Literature
Michael Rios

human geography, architecture, urban planning

Human Ecology
Robyn Rodriguez

How understandings of belonging are changing with increased mobility across borders and whether citizenship regimes are being reconfigured as a consequence. She has explored these concerns with a particular focus on contractual laborers from the Philippines.

Asian American Studies
Hugh Safford

Community and landscape ecology, fire ecology, restoration ecology and biogeography.

Environmental Science and Policy
Ann Savageau

My creative work for the last two decades has focused on the natural world, human material culture, and their intersection and interaction.

Mark Schwartz

taxonomic and geographical aspects of conservation biology

Environmental Sciences Environmental Science and Policy
Arthur Shapiro

Evolution, population dynamics; North-South America

Evolution and Ecology
Sheryl-Ann Simpson

urban, political, cultural and health geography, comparative social planning, critical GIS and spatial analysis, immigration and social/political participation

Human Ecology
Aaron Smith

Agriculture and resource economics, econometrics, finance

Agricultural and Resource Economics
Edward Spang

Food-water-energy nexus; environmental indicators; systems analysis; water and energy resource management; environmental policy; clean technology

Food Science and Technology
Smriti Srinivas

Urban cultures, place-making, utopias, social memory, cultures of the body and performance, religion, South Asia within a comparative context

People, Place, and Region Anthropology
Julie Sze

Environmental Studies (environmental justice, urban environments, environmental activism, gender and the environment, garbage, transportation and energy); urban planning.

Nature and Society American Studies
Kenneth W. Tate

Rangeland Watershed Specialist

Environmental Sciences Plant Sciences
James Thorne

Biogeography, conservation biology, and ecology. Regions of experience include California & the US West, British Columbia, Alaska, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina

Environmental Science and Policy
Thomas P. Tomich

Agricultural sustainability, sustainable food systems, sustainability metrics and indicators, sustainability science; Geography emphasis includes land use and land cover change

People, Place, and Region Human Ecology
Susan Ustin

Geographic information systems (GIS); North America

Land Air and Water Resources
M. Anne Visser

Social inequality and equity, low wage and informal labor markets, socioeconomic integration and incorporation, public and urban policy

People, Place, and Region Human Ecology
Karen Watson-Gegeo

Anthropology, applied linguistics; qualitative and ethnographic methods; critical discourse analysis; rural development; ethnic identity; feminist research; Hawai'i, Solomon Islands, Pacific islands, South and Southeast Asia, US Native and immigrant populations

People, Place, and Region School of Education
Stephen M. Wheeler

Sustainable development; urban design; city and regional planning; land use; climate change

Human Ecology
Diane Wolf

Women in development; Southeast Asia

Nature and Society Sociology
Truman Young

Restoration ecology; African savannas

Environmental Sciences Plant Sciences
Minghua Zhang

Environmental modeling, GIS, risk analysis, agriculture, North America

Environmental Sciences Land Air and Water Resources