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Geography Graduate Group Students

Fullname Degree Summary Academic Interest
Alfonso Aranda Ph.D. Student

Medical geography, biosecurity, cancer as an environmental disease.

Bernardo Bastien Ph.D. Student

My objective is to generate models that synthesize the climate information over a region and simulate the social and economic dynamics under future climate change scenarios, in order to find the optimal development pathways. Topics of Interest: Climate change, atmospheric science, climate diplomacy, agent based modeling, fuzzy logic.

Carlos Becerra Ph.D. Student

I'm interested on the phenomena of inclusion and exclusion within the borders of the state. More specifically, I would like to uncover practices of social and spatial exclusion within marginalized groups of internal migrants. These are individuals who are entitled to the protections of the state as citizens but that, in reality, are seen as a burden by official organizations, nongovernmental organizations, and civil society in general. My research then questions the ascription of all-inclusive benefits to the institution of citizenship by modern democracies and promotes a careful reexamination of benefit distribution and development strategies.

Ingrid Behrsin Ph.D. Candidate

My research focuses on the ways in which political economic processes, scientific knowledge production, and citizen mobilization converge around environmental infrastructure projects. My dissertation attends to the material and discursive construction of waste as a renewable energy source in the European Union, and investigates the ecological, economic, and political implications of this framing in the context of waste-to-energy (WTE) production. I operationalize this work through comparative, multi-sited case studies of WTE projects in two Austrian states.
Read more about my dissertation fieldwork here: http://discardstudies.com/2015/04/06/a-visit-to-a-waste-to-energy-facili...

Janet Boulware Ph.D. Student

Access to education for marginalized Latino community, university-community partnerships, cultural spaces in schools.

Elizabeth (Izzy) Castner Ph.D. Student

Life cycle analysis and footprinting for agricultural processes and products, biogeochemistry

Kimberly Chacon Ph.D. Student

I am interested in preserving and encouraging bee populations, especially native bees. In recent years the call to action for bee conservation has been loud and clear. To date the main emphasis has been on European honey bees, which are known for their great crop pollination benefits. However, with Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) still ravaging honeybee populations, the future of such pollination services seems unclear. Dependence on native bees has been suggested as a possible solution, but HOW to implement such a scheme is largely vague. Lack of habitat connectivity is listed under nearly every possible source and yet thus far solutions only include specialist gardens or randomly spaced unspecified plant species of home plantings. A spatial habitat problem such as destruction and/or fragmentation NEEDS a spatial solution. I am working on solving this complex problem with the help of GIS.

Angela Chapman Ph.D. Student

Alternative food systems, political economy, social justice.

Reema Cherian Ph.D. Candidate

Aesthetics; architecture; cultural geography; historical materialism; urban studies

Cristina Chiarella Ph.D. Candidate

Political Geography, Development Economics, Spatial Econometrics

Yasmina Choueiri Ph.D. Student

Nature and Society: Environmental Justice and Conflict and/or Landscape Architecture and Environmental Design.

Cory Copeland Ph.D. Student

I am interested in the ways that resources, especially water, are managed by societies. I approach this issue from the perspective of political ecology and social justice. Methodologically, I have done research using quantitative analysis, GIS, and mixed methods.

Marisa Coyne Master's Student

Experiential Education; Diversity and Inclusion in Food and Agriculture Spaces; Student Farming; Food Access and Food Justice; Identity and Leadership in the Outdoor; Land-based Learning.

Mia Dawson Master's Student

Clean air & water, environmental justice, community health, STEM education

Cam Denney Master's Student

Urban Transportation in East and Southeast Asia

Nermin Dessouky Ph.D. Student

Urban planning, Architecture, Sustainable urban development and the Social and environmental impacts of the built environment.

John "Jake" Dialesandro Ph.D. Student

Remote sensing, climate change, water resources

Amanda Fencl Ph.D. Candidate

My research focuses on identifying existing and future vulnerable areas to drought-related drinking water shortages and ways to build resilience among these systems and households in California. Other areas of inquiry include environmental and climate justice; climate impacts on water resources; climate vulnerability, adaptation and resilience; water security; safe drinking water; science for policy and decision making; applied geography.

Megan Foster Ph.D. Candidate

Political ecology, working landscapes, national parks, community engagement, environmental justice.

Jessica Halpern-Finnerty Ph.D. Candidate

Economic geography, city and regional planning, labor markets, inequality

Yiwei Huang Ph.D. Student

Resilient cities, urban revitalization, the impact of climate change, urban sustainable development

Yuhan Huang Ph.D. Student

Remote sensing of terrestrial ecosystems and urban morphology, GIS

Ofurhe Igbinedion Ph.D. Candidate

Critical race and feminist geography

Tyler Jackson Ph.D. Student

Community governance, cultural geography, sustainable agriculture, alternative food systems, transnational labor markets, alternative community models.

Jennifer Jarin Master's Student

Environmental justice, community-based participatory research, environmental health/exposures, pediatrics

Mackenzie Johnson Ph.D. Student

Groundwater resource management; water resource economics; common pool resource theory; the intersection of science and policy; quantitative approaches to decision making; spatial analysis.

Cleveland Justis Ph.D. Candidate

Social Entrepreneurship: How the intersection of business, government, NGOs, academia, and philanthropy can work synergistically to solve large scale social and environmental problems

Gabi Kirk Ph.D. Student

Political ecology, Israel-Palestine, settler-colonialism in the American West and the Middle East, agroecology, water

Meghan Klasic Ph.D. Student

Topics of Interest: Water quality and quantity, climate change, nonpoint source pollution, sustainable agriculture, linking government policy with sound scientific research

Alejo Kraus-Polk Ph.D. Student

Reconciliation ecology, World geography, Rewilding, Agroecology

Lisa Kresge Ph.D. Student

My research interests are economic geography, political economy, low-wage and informal labor markets, institutions and organizations, and public policy. My current research focuses on worker organizations that engage in translocal social regulation of low-wage labor markets

Andrew Leach Master's Student

Sustainable agriculture, landscape architecture.

Han Liu Ph.D. Candidate

Global change.

Clancy McConnell Ph.D. Student

Conservation planning, GIS, restoration ecology, landscape ecology, community capacity for conservation

Karyn Medina Ph.D. Candidate

Social movements in Latin America, especially the Brazilian Landless Workers Movement (MST); food sovereignty; agroecology, place-making and identity; critical pedagogy

Ron Melcer Ph.D. Candidate

Conservation planning, GIS, Riverine ecosystems

Jean-Yves Merilus Ph.D. Candidate

My research interests are in the Theory, Discourse, and Practice of Development Policy, Migration and Development Relationship, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Haiti

Kate Munden-Dixon Ph.D. Candidate

I’m broadly interested in food systems, with a specific focus on the political ecology of livestock production and first-generation ranchers in California. Other research areas include regional supply chains, food policy, and on-farm food loss.

Peter Nguyen Ph.D. Student

Water Sustainability and Accessibility, Water Quality, Climate Change, Community Adaptation Planning, Southeast Asia, Mekong River Delta.

José Ignacio Ochoa Brito Ph.D. Candidate

Remote Sensing, Geographic Information Systems, Environmental Resources Management, Land cover studies

Erica Orcutt Ph.D. Candidate

Biogeography, translocation, wildlife law.

Cory Parker Ph.D. Candidate

Mobility, creating welcoming places for marginalized and disadvantaged youth, inclusive and exclusive landscapes

Sasha Pesci Master's Student

Political ecology, food systems, food justice, permaculture, urban planning, communities.

Natalia Pinzón Jiménez Ph.D. Student
Sean Pries Ph.D. Candidate

My interests lie mainly in cultural, historical, and regional geography with focus on land tenure and access issues. Additionally my work focuses on geographic representation, cartography and the importance of visual syntax to convey meaning along with keen interest in the examination of geography and literature. Other foci include political ecology, riparian geography, and modern geographic exploration.

Marcus Renner Ph.D. Student

Environmental narratives, community arts, and sustainable local economic development.

Mina Rezaei Ph.D. Student

Teenagers and their environment, Participatory urban planning, Sustainable planning , Public Spaces ,Social aspects of urban planning , Representation of Cities in Creative works(novels, films, etc.).

Nicholas Robinson Ph.D. Student

Political ecology of agriculture and food systems, global commodity chains, and extractive industries; small farms, beginner farmers, and appropriate farm technology; sustainable landscape and infrastructure design; agroecology and regenerative agriculture; cooperative governance and labor organization; land and resource conflict; energy production; environmental justice; social movements; utopia; arctic agriculture; Iceland; Latin America.

Mayra Sanchez Ph.D. Candidate

Development, social inequality, gender, culture, family socialization, social inequality; critical theory and feminist theory.

Nicholas Santos Master's Student

GIS, Spatial Modelling, and software applications.

Robert Saper Ph.D. Candidate

I am interested in social movements and social change processes affecting the life conditions of marginalized and socio-economically disadvantaged populations. My research emphasizes the role of human mobility and the geographic application of social theory in understanding and addressing the problem of increasing global inequality. I am also interested in human geographic applications of GIS

My research work at Davis is complemented by strong enthusiasm for providing high quality instruction and additional interests in immigrant justice, community development, epistemology, and the social norms of economics and social welfare

Jennifer Sedell Ph.D. Candidate

Political ecology and environmental history of natural resource management and food networks. Current research focus areas include emergency pest management programs in California and global salt commodity chains.

Amy Marie Talbot Master's Student

Water supply and urban planning, water efficiency, water energy nexus, water resource economics, hydrology and land use development.

Zhehan Tang Ph.D. Student

Using remote sensing in precision agriculture

Bidita Jawher Tithi Ph.D. Candidate

Gender and Development, Adaptation and Mitigation of Climate Change on Regional and Sub-Regional Scale, Migration, Community and Regional Development, Politics of Resources, Political Economy

Regional Focus: South Asia and Africa

Victoria Torres Gonzalez Ph.D. Candidate

My research focuses on strengthening and supporting rural family agriculture and helping to maintain the Chilean food system for middle and low-income social classes in Chile.

Stacie Townsend Ph.D. Candidate

GeoHumanities; Social, Political, and Activist Geographies; Place-Creation and Cultural Landscapes; Western U.S. and California; Geographic Education

Dustin Tsai Ph.D. Candidate

Political and cultural geography, geopolitics, inter-state conflicts, post-war effects, national identity, de facto states

Jahalel Lee Tuil Ph.D. Candidate

GIS Methodologies and Remnant Woody Vegetation in Yolo County.

Alberto Valdivia Ph.D. Candidate

The environmental changes for sustainability demand the involvement, the inclusion, the consciousness, and the diversity of all walks of life. I research indigenous food wisdom as a way of achieving greater sustainability by critiquing neoliberalism and embedded white privilege. I employ a Xicana eco-feminist lens as a way of decolonizing our diets.

Rebecca Van Stokkum Ph.D. Candidate

Information flows regarding resource management and the political ecology of participatory frameworks at the local government scale; the political culture of urban slums. International focus: Venezuela.

Madeline Weeks Ph.D. Student

The social and environmental dimensions of fine flavor chocolate production, cacao commodity chains, sustainability metrics, and farmer livelihoods.

Maya Weeks Ph.D. Student

Oceans, waste, logistics, gender, environmental justice, climate change, political ecology, political economy. Current research focuses on marine debris as a form of capital accumulation and gendered and racialized violence.

Ana Wegman Master's Student

Remote Sensing, GIS, Environmental Management, Agriculture Management

Stewart Wilson Master's Student
Jessica Zlotnicki Ph.D. Student

Economic, labor, and feminist geographies; migration; social economies and the third sector; worker cooperatives; democratic workplaces and worker ownership; housing-labor nexus.