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Maggie La Rochelle

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My PhD research explores three place-based, experiential learning programs in which I was first a learner, then an educator, and finally a researcher, using a comparative case study approach. The purpose of this research is to more fully explicate the activities and impacts of constructivist methods of learning for place engagement. I study the experiences of learners to understand their motivations, values, and subsequent attitudes and choices. I also look at relationships between members of each learning community to better understand how power works within experiential learning relationships. Finally, I explore the institutional, geographic and pedagogical structures of these programs, which frame the relationships within them. I argue for how these structures could be designed more flexibly in order to respond to the happy reality of change in learning communities over time.


2010 M.S. Community and Regional Development, University of California, Davis
2007 B.A. Literatures in English: Minor degrees in Political Science, Environmental Studies, University of California, San Diego
2005 Alum, International Honors Program (IHP), Indigenous Perspectives