Advising & Materials

Although the curriculum of the GGG is laid out in the Core and Geographic Depth Courses, along with specialized areas of study, the interdisciplinary and interdepartmental nature of the GGG requires that the student seek advising assistance throughout his/her program. The most important advising is done by the Major Professor, who with the student determines the specific course of study that will lead to successful completion of the Oral Examination or Thesis (M.A. students) and Qualifying Examination and Dissertation (Ph.D. students). No other advising can supplant the role of the Major Professor in this.

In addition, the student should regularly meet with a Graduate Advisor to discuss academic progress. Graduate Advisors are appointed to certify to the Office of Graduate Studies that the student has followed the required program to reach the completion of the M.A. or Ph.D. degree. The GGG Advisor must also certify that a student with deficiencies has satisfied these.