Nature & Society Courses

Nature & Society — Geographic Depth Courses

The list below is the pre-approved selection of courses in the subfield of Nature-Society Geography that students can choose from to fulfill their 12-16 units of Geographic Depth Courses.

Depth Courses Offered by GGG Faculty

(includes those to be Cross-Listed, proposed GEO number in parentheses)

ECL 211 (GEO 250) Advanced Topics in Cultural Ecology
ARE 214 (GEO 251) Development Economics
LDA 260 (GEO 252) Landscape and Power
LDA 280 (GEO 253) Landscape Conservation
CRD 244 (GEO 254) Political Ecology of Community Development
GEO 260 Global Political Ecology

Other Depth Courses

CRD 245 The Political Economy of Urban and Regional Development
ECL 210 Advanced Topics in Human Ecology
ECL 211 Advanced Topics in Cultural Ecology
ECL 212A Environmental Policy Process
ECL 216 Ecology and Agriculture
ESP 170 Environmental Impact Reporting
ESP 212A Environmental Policy Process
ESP 212B Environmental Policy Evaluation
ESP 278 Research Methods in Environmental Policy
SOC 206 Quantitative Analysis in Sociology
SOC 207A-207B Methods of Quantitative Research
SOC 233 Gender, Culture, and Local/Global Transformation.
SOC 245 Developing Societies
SOC 295 Special Topics: Environmental Sociology, Social and Political Ecology, Environmental Philosophy