GGG Making the News: April 29 - May 3, 2019

This week, GGG is giving a shoutout the following students and faculty for their accomplishments. Names in bold are UC Davis GGG students and faculty. Names in non-bold are collaborators.

Meghan Klasic was accepted into the 2019-2020 UC Davis Professors for the Future program. Her project (to be released next year!) is entitled, There's an app for that! The project focuses on the use of social, educational, and organizational apps that can make our workflows as PhDs and Postdocs more efficient.

Tatyana Ruseva, Megan Foster, Gwen Arnold, Saba Siddiki, Abigail York, Riley Pudney, and Ziqiao Chen. 2019. Applying policy process theories to environmental governance research: themes and new directionsPolicy Studies Journal. 47(S1): S66-S95.


Jennifer K. Sedell. 2019. No fly zone? Spatializing regimes of perceptibility, uncertainty, and the ontological fight over quarantine pests in CaliforniaGeoforum


Stephen M. Wheeler, Yaser Abunnasr, John "Jake" Dialesandro, Eleni Assaf, Sarine Agoplan, and Virginia Carter Gamberini. [Publication Accepted]. Mitigating Urban Heating in Dryland Cities: A Literature Review. Journal of Planning Literature.

     This is the first paper in a multi-year collaboration that Jake and Steve have had with Yaser Abunnasr and others at the American University of Beirut, funded by Diamond Developers through the UC Davis Arab Region collaborative. They have a second article comparing urban heat islands across 10 arid urban regions out for review, with Jake as lead author.