People, Place, and Region Courses

People, Place, and Region (Human Geography) — Geographic Depth Courses
The list below is the pre-approved selection of courses in the subfield of Human Geography that students can choose from to fulfill their 12-16 units of Geographic Depth Courses.

Depth Courses Offered by GGG Faculty

(includes those to be Cross-Listed, proposed GEO number in parentheses)

LDA 200 (GEO 230) Citizenship, Democracy, & Public Space
LDA 201 (GEO 231) Theory and Philosophy of the Designed Environment
LDA 202 (GEO 232) Methods in Design and Landscape Research

LDA 205 (GEO 233) Physical Planning and Design
LDA 270 (GEO 234) Environment and Behavior
SOC 295 (GEO 235) International Migration
TTP 220 (GEO 236) Transportation Planning and Policy
CRD 240 (GEO 240) Community Development Theory
CRD 241 (GEO 241) The Economics of Community Development
CRD 245 (GEO 245) The Political Economy of Urban and Regional Development
CRD 246 (GEO 246) The Political Economy of Transnational Migration
CRD 248 (GEO 248) Social Policy, Welfare Theories and Communities

Other Depth Courses

CRD 242 Community Development Organizations
CRD 247 Transformation of Work
ECL 217 Conservation and Sustainable Development in Third World Nations
ECL 222 Human Ecology of Agriculture CST 206 Studies in Race Theory
LDA 204 Case Studies in Landscape Design and Research

LDA 215 (GEO 215) Ecologies of Infrastructure
LDA 220 Public Space and Culture
LDA 230 Landscape and Memory
LDA 240 Historic, Cultural Landscapes: Concept, Perception, Preservation
LDA 250 Life-Place: Bioregional Theory and Principles
LDA 260 Landscape and Power
LDA 280 Landscape Conservation
SOC 215 Economy, Polity, and Society
SOC 225 Cultural Sociology
SOC 227 Sociology of Reproduction
SOC 230 Ethnic (Race) Relations
SOC 233 Gender, Culture, and Local/Global Transformation
SOC 234 Gender, Family, and Society
SOC 242AB Comparative Methods in Historical Sociology
SOC 243 Urban Society
SOC 245 Developing Societies
SOC 248 Social Movements
SOC 292AB Field Research Methods